Bold Leadership for North Dakota

Dr. Rick Becker is an accomplished plastic surgeon, successful businessman, and two-term State Representative. He's consistently ranked among the most fiscally conservative members of the Legislature.

His executive experience in the private sector, along with the knowledge he has gained working in the legislature, make him uniquely qualified to be North Dakota's next Governor.

About 1,700 people at the North Dakota Republican State Convention will likely decide the next Governor for the entire state and we need you to be one of them.

Rick has a vision for North Dakota that will lead to a stable prosperity now and for the next generations. On every issue affecting North Dakota, Rick has a solution that gives people the greatest degree of choice and liberty, keeps money in the taxpayers pockets and is best for North Dakota families.

Whether it's elementary and high school education, property taxes, the oppressive regulations of the EPA, higher education, civil liberties, property rights, or 2nd amendment issues, Rick has a clear understanding and a plan.